Prada perfumes have become very popular in the modern world because of their minimalism. You feel sophisticated, enigmatic, and elegant when you spray the perfume. This short Prada review will help you select the right fragrance for your lifestyle. Read more now on prada nose pads

The perfumes from this brand are available in different varieties. Prada original is available in a classic spray, a splash and as a shower gel or body lotion. The price ranges from $20 to $ 60 for this fragrance, which is suitable for women of any age. The original spray perfume comes in an asymmetrical bottle. It is floral, fruity and woody with notes of oranges, raspberries, sandalwood and mandarin flowers.

Prada men’s cologne is the next option. It looks like the women’s fragrance and costs around $70 for 3.4oz. The scent has notes of orange blossom, labdanum and geranium. It also contains saffron, tonka beans, and vetiver.

Prada Amber is another fragrance for men. The fragrance is fruity and spicy with notes of bergamote, patchouli vanilla, neroli saffron cardamom tonka bean myrrh suede. The two sizes are 1.7 oz. and 3.3.oz. in a vertical glass bottle with a metallic spray atomizer.

In 2005, Prada Intense was released. The fragrance is earthy and fruity with a long-lasting scent that has similar notes as the original Prada perfume, but at a different concentration.

Prada Infusion D’Iris is another very popular perfume. It has a floral scent and comes in an eau-de-toilette spray bottle with the Prada logo. This is a floral fruity summer perfume that you can wear during the day. The notes are: mandarin iris cedar vetiver neroli iris benzoin galbanum.

Prada Tendre is the light version of Prada original perfume for women. The fragrance includes notes such as plum accords, verbena leaves, benzoin patches, patchouli, cedarwood, cardamom and jasmine. Prada Tendre retails for $60-$70.

You can now purchase a miniature bottle with three scents: Prada Original, Prada Tendre, and Prada Intense. The keychain can be used to decorate a purse or as a purse charm. It costs around $65

Prada samples and Prada fragrances are available at many department stores, as well as online. Prada also offers a range of boutique fragrances, including Benjoin and Myrrh, that are only available in Prada shops.