Hard water is a major problem in the UK and affects over 60% British homes. It simply refers water with minerals. There are three possible ways to solve the problem of hardwater: chemical cleaners or a conventional system for softening water, and an electronic water descalers.

Chemical Cleaners

There are several chemical cleaning products available that can deal with the issue once it is resolved. These products can dissolve the hard water residue, so they should be used regularly. Chemical cleaners require a lot of work and often require scrubbing.

Conventional Water Softening System

The conventional water softening systems are used to treat the water prior to it entering the home. These systems are plumbed into the main supply water line and the most expensive option. Softened water may not suit your needs due to the high sodium content.

Descalers magnetic or electronic

There are magnetic versions, but an electronic water descaler is much more effective. This device attaches on to the main water supply pipes and uses audio or wireless frequencies to prevent the buildup of minerals without using salt or chemicals. Audio frequencies are more effective than radio and tv transmissions.

Hard water is not harmful, but it can cause plumbing problems and significant cleaning. Each solution offers advantages and potential drawbacks. These are just a few of the factors to consider when deciding which solution will best address your hard-water issues.