It can be hard for buyers who have bad credit or not good credit to purchase a quality used car – click this link. Bad credit is not usually accepted by high-end car dealers. This means that the only options for those with poor credit are to pay cash for a junker, or to finance the vehicle on the spot.

We have covered the how and whys of spot financing in other articles. But, how do you choose your vehicle?

So how do you get your car through spot financing? The way you think it works isn’t the best. It is not possible to simply go to any lot and choose any car that interests you, then take it home. Their car selection process is largely based upon your credit score and how flexible your monthly finances are. They will not give you a second chance to get a car, even if they are able to finance you on the spot. However, this would be irresponsible and could endanger your financial health in the long-term. Their goal is for you to drive again in a car that won’t break the bank.

Even if your credit is not great and your budget isn’t perfect, you might not end up with a brand-new 2011 Mustang. It may be more reliable. In this case, your monthly payments will be lower. The nicer and more luxurious your car will be, the more flexible you are with your budget and the better your credit score. Remember that monthly payments are going to be higher if your car is more expensive.

Dealers that provide on-the spot financing will be happy to help. Their approval and financing procedures can be cumbersome at times, but they’re there to help you. If they approved you for a Mustang 2011, but you couldn’t afford $100 per month to pay the payments, that could cause serious problems. It could also further your debt and worsen your credit score. When you meet with an on-the-spot financing agent, keep these things in mind. Be aware of scam dealers and remember that good dealerships will help you.

It may not be possible to get your “dream car” first time, but by paying your bills promptly and improving your credit rating, you have a much better chance to purchase your dream car later.