Shipping, in its original meaning, was the movement of trade goods via ships sailing in the colonial period. Today, shipping is a global industry with ‘transit architects’ – learn more. These companies handle all aspects of loading, transiting and delivering import/export products around the globe. Ocean freight is the transportation and delivery of goods to global destinations. It involves loading cargo ships onto vessels that transport goods from port-to-port.

Services for ocean freight shipping help importers and exporters. These services can handle some or all aspects of international shipping, and sometimes guarantee delivery to the destination.

What is an Ocean freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder, a third party logistics provider, manages the shipment of goods end-to-end. A forwarder is a transport expert who is knowledgeable about the shipping industry and regulations. This forwarder is able to access a wide range of information, including agents, shipping companies, shipping carriers, and ocean shipping-line maps, as well as a list of business partners.

Forwarders make use of these resources to ensure their clients are satisfied with their services.

Forwarders offer clients the ability to store, receive, load and transport goods. This allows for door-to–door solutions.

Allround services

Below is a list listing the services that ocean freight forwarders provide in relation to international import aspects, international exported aspects and transportation.

Services related to transit-transportation:

– Coordination between domestic and international carriers (carriers).

– Delivery to/from ports via inland pickup

– Coordinating customs arrangements for Bonded Warehousing.

– Container loading, management, and loading of individual cargo

– Locating and transporting cargo to SEZ’s or special economic/trade zones (with relaxed customs regulations, taxes) – This is especially useful for transshipment purposes. Cargo at free ports can be handled, processed and reshipped without any tariffs.

Insurance, Risk management and prevention of cargo losses