Google will show you the most basic search results if you use key phrases such “Are You an Empath, Intuitive, Psychic, or Lightworker?” You’ll find thousands of pages with workshops and courses that you can join in seconds. For more info you can go to this web-site.

“Who are I?” “Who am I?” “What’s my purpose?” Many people begin asking these questions in their 20’s. This is usually about their profession. This is a common example of someone who has recognized a spiritual gift and then disconnected or put it on the side due to not knowing what to make of it.

People seek happiness, fulfillment and a good fit. Although you may be older than you think, you still have the same question.

OK, now here’s the quick answer: only YOU can know! What do you mean? What are you saying? You are kidding me! Although I knew that you wouldn’t like this, don’t be discouraged. Here’s the longer version. One I’d love you to try.

You can go back to your memories and list everything that has persistently called out to you. It could be a hobby or something you did in your spare hours. Or it could be interests you are drawn to. Perhaps you are attracted to people who are experts in your field.

You want to find the moments when things clicked, flowed smoothly and you felt happy. You felt that you had to know more, and it didn’t feel like work. It seemed like the next logical step. You know it’s a clue when you experience something like that.

If you notice a consistent thread between your work and personal lives, this could be a clue. Let’s suppose you find yourself drawn to animals or people who are sick. Or that you find medical terms and TV shows fascinating. Volunteering in hospitals or hospices is one possibility. Another option is to become an EMT. Because you are unable to help yourself, you might even offer unrequested holistic advice to family and friends or the person in front of you at the checkout. But, at the same, you also know you don’t want to be a doctor or nurse.

If you take the time to think, you will realize that you have always been drawn to the healing arts or you love mystery and thriller stories with a medical subject. Dreams and other signs can provide clues, as well as teachers that may be hidden from family, friends or complete strangers. The universe will continue to give clues to you, so it is up to you not to lose your antenna.

Do you struggle to put the pieces together in order to make a picture? You can’t replace learning to connect directly with God, the Universe or your higher self.