People with poor credit may not be able to purchase a car from traditional lots. A “buy here, pay here” lot is a good option. People with bad credit ratings, including bankruptcy, defaults on payments, repossessions, and bankruptcy, may find it hard to get credit terms on a car-loan. It is time to look for other arrangements. It may be possible to get a lot that allows you to take bad credit into the deal. While you won’t get the best terms from a lot that accepts bad credit, you may be able to get a vehicle if you really need one. These are some basic information about how to make a purchase.

What to Bring

A few things will help you make a fast transaction. While every dealership will require different information, it is an excellent starting point. It is a good idea to have your driver’s permit, proof that you are insured, your S.S. numbers, bank information, references, and proof that your income is proof. They will most likely insist that your credit is good, even though they may overlook it.

Making Payments

It’s important to fully understand how you’ll pay your monthly payments before you buy a car with a Buy Here Pay Here lot. Contrary to traditional lenders, there is no grace period that allows you to miss your payments. It is common to receive bi-weekly or weekly payments. Many people will need you to come in and deliver the cash or check. Others allow you to make payments online or over the telephone. Ask about the options available to you when purchasing a vehicle. You might be asked to sign up in order to withdraw your funds.


If you intend to pay your bill in person you need to make sure that the Buy Here Pay Here lot is conveniently located near your route. The more you need to travel to make a payment to avoid missing it, the higher your chances of getting one. This could result in repossession of your property or even a late payment. This may be the last thing you require, depending on your financial status. Try to find a lot close to work or your house. While it might not seem like a huge problem, it can lead to major problems if it is a place that you visit several times per month.