So, you are considering building your dream home.

It’s a good idea. Building rather than buying can help you get closer to what you really desire. You need to be careful to avoid any surprises or risks, so you can get the home that you want. This guide was compiled using industry knowledge and personal experience. We hope this guide will be a helpful introduction. Learn more about why you should consider moving countries with The Heaton Fam today!

1. How important it is to select the right builder

Your new home will be one the most important investments you make, financially and emotionally. You want the design and build to be right for your current and future needs. There are many builders that will build you a home, but which one should you choose? Which one is the right choice to make your dream come true? This information pack will show you how to make your dreams come true.

2. Your part in the process

The following must be communicated to the designer prior to beginning the design:

o Your budget

o The house’s size, including rooms numbers, locations and functions

o Exterior finishes on walls (e.g. The roof type and finish (e.g. tiled, metal)

o Custom design features that are important to you

Specific details, such as ceiling heights, window size, and bathroom or kitchen fittings.

o The timeline. You should note that plans need to be submitted various authorities. This may take longer than you expected. Include this in your construction timeframe.

3. Designer’s role during the process

An architect, engineer, or building designer will charge additional fees to design the house. A builder that offers a design services as part of their package will add the design to the cost. This will influence the amount time required to work with you on the design. This should also be considered when you are choosing who will design your home.